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For all you readers out there I thought would mention some books that you might find useful. All Leo or dog related of course


If you have any reviews or comments about these books, please send them to me in an email and I will publish them.

One of only a few books written about Leonberger's in recent years. Angela White is an experienced Leonberger owner and offers some very good advice on all aspects of owning, training and breeding Leonberger's. A good book and one I found very useful in my research when we were looking at getting our first Leonberger.

 Not bad, very much like the Angela White book. If you have money for both then great, if not, the White book is probably the better spend to start with.

A very good book and well worth the read and money. Jan Fennel takes a unique look at how dogs think and applies techniques in an unusual but very effective way. This book is ideal for all dog owners old and new, whether you have had dogs all your life or just starting out in canine ownership. I strongly recommend you read this book.

Your dogs diet will always be a matter for conversation whenever a few dogs owners get together and you raise the issue. Never will it get more heated than when you discuss the pro's and con's of the BARF diet. The simple answer the book and make your own mind up!

This book is a follow up to the first one, a good read but more of the same.

In addition to these I have found the books from Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer)  to be excellent and well worth a read. There are also a number of books via Amazon that are more heavy duty but this lot should stat you off ok.

All these books should be available via Amazon

Without a shadow of doubt the best book written on the Leonberger. Might not be suitable for the first timer looking at the breed but for anyone who is after a book that tells them what the leonberger is from the inside out and the outside in, I fully recommend this book. A bit pricy compared to other but well worth it...